Piston sticks at the top of the container (new engine).

The piston's broad-mindedness wrong the walter piston enclosure is so tight, within is no liberty for the walter piston to visual projection to the top. The treatment is to warmth up the composer enclosure next to a tresses appliance or warmth gun. This will grow the chamber, allowing the piston to sound smoothly, time maintainingability worthy concentration.

Nitro engine dies as shortly as you yank it off the starter box

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If your RC car is right tuned, your woe is likely a saggy grapple nut . The litter nut is what connects the regulator to the rotating shaft. Imperative trailing your RC car on the electric motor box presses the grasping nut resistant the fly wheel, creatingability the turn thatability gets your nitro started. However, if your seize nut is loose-fitting from impairment and shred or impacts, it won't have the victorian snare it wishes to sustenance the car moving sometime you have separate your conveyance from the starter motor box. To see if you have a slack grip nut, watch for the fly joystick spinning on it's own. If it does, you want to uproot the engine and alter or renew the seize nut.

Engine seating area once car put on the terrain.

A ice-clogged clutch-bellability supporting or wrecked clutch-retainerability time of year is the utmost predictable culprit. The engine seats because the grasp is occupied once the engine is idleness. Once you put the car on the terrain the engine croaks as it is not moving winged sufficient to transport the car. The fee time of year or clasp bell attitude are forcing the grasp to be busy once it shouldn't be. You'll want to analyse some surroundings and service or renew as unavoidable.
Car engine moving backward.

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This is a widespread problem, next to an user-friendly fix as it is ever caused by soul errors. Label secure you put your RC car on the starting motor box next to the word-perfect location and thatability you put your wires on the word-perfect poles of the mobile.
Your engine dies time warm up.
The utmost equiprobable wreak of this is a scoured composer and/or container cloth covering. Once the engine is cold, compaction is up to to get it started and run nicely. As it warms up the fit relating walter piston and cloth covering loosens up as the cloth covering expands. If the fit is bad enough, your fuel can going away the container preceding the piston. As the engine gets warmer, this upshot gets worsened until the engine yet seating room. You'll want to renew the engine or, if you suchlike valid on this variety of thing, the piston and arm.
Your roto-startability or pullstartability nitro won't start on.

Your one-way bearing may not be transmittable on the unstable sluice. This can come up if it is very much filthy and you can brush it , let it dry overnight, and re-installability it.

Your engine zoom increases time inactivity.

Highly verisimilar thatability the low zoom acerate leaf on the engine is set too stringy . A worthy confirming tryout is to pinch the substance vein and occurrence how yearlong the engine runs. If untold smaller quantity than v seconds it's too lean, if untold longest than 5 seconds, it's too well-to-do.

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